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Critics’ pens vs. spray cans: Reviews of a play about graffiti spark controversy / Washington Post

Vivian Weil, a thinker among techies / AAAS MemberCentral

Scott Brady’s deliberate excursion into the unknown / AAAS MemberCentral

Sian Beilock wants to know why we choke under pressure / AAAS MemberCentral

Luis Nunes Amaral’s world of networks / AAAS  MemberCentral

Patricia Ward sparks the public’s interest in science / AAAS MemberCentral

Angela Olinto’s cosmic needle in a haystack / AAAS MemberCentral

Other arts features

Mo Willems Talks About His Animal Friends / Chicago Sun-Times

Haunting Memories Never DieChicago Sun-Times

Photographer Shares His ‘Taxicab Diaries’ / Chicago Sun-Times

Other AAAS profiles

Deirdre McCloskey celebrates the bourgeois / AAAS MemberCentral

Dean Arnold pieces together mystery of Maya blue / AAAS MemberCentral

Digging for shells with geologist Susan Kidwell / AAAS MemberCentral

Teresa Woodruff is preserving cancer patients’ fertility / AAAS MemberCentral

Other Science / Medicine

Quarky Character / Nobel Prize-winning physicist Leon Lederman / People Plus Cover / Chicago Sun-Times

Birth of a Notion / Chicago Sun-Times

The Invisible Caregiver / American Medical News

Given But Not Taken / American Medical News

Bee Wars: Meet the Killer Bees / Sunday Living Cover /Chicago Sun-Times 

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The Pioneers Who Came EastChicago Magazine / WINNER: Unity Award in Media for Public Affairs / Social Issues Reporting